Virtual classrooms for individual music lessons


Virtual classrooms

mfClassrooms is an innovative online platform, created in 2020 to allow every music teacher and student to have individual music lessons from home, enjoying a much higher sound quality than common videoconference platforms.
It is easy to use, without the need to download software or apps, with integrated electronic logging, lesson tracking and video archive functions.
It also offers the possibility to accept guest listeners to the lessons.

Audio quality

Why use mfClassrooms instead of other platforms?
The main reason is the audio quality (stereo, 384 Kbit/s, 0-20.000 Hz), so important for classical music lessons. All the main platforms available today have, instead, an audio quality designed for speech, and this creates many problems in the transmission of sound, with dynamic compressions that make it impossible a music lesson where you may wish to work on sound quality. 

Personalized adjustments

Depending on your hardware and venue, you can customize the video quality and the audio filters. To get good audio quality even with slow internet connections, you can decrease the video resolution and frame rate.

Maximum compatibility and ease of use

mfClassrooms does not require you to download any software or app. For an optimal audio quality, the user should use a PC or mac (minimum 8 GB RAM) and an external microphone with an internet speed of at least 5 Mbit/s in download and 1 Mbit/s in upload.  
mfClassrooms also works with tablets (android and iPad) and Smartphones (Android and iPhone), which allow a very good listening experience, but are not ideal for broadcasting the high quality sound. 
mfClassrooms is very easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with computers

Digital register and video recordings

mfClassrooms also offers a rich interface to manage the digital register of teachers and students, the tracking of the minutes of the lesson, the archive of video recordings, accessible only to each single student and to the teacher who held the lesson.

Privacy and security

mfClassrooms guarantees maximum privacy.Each user (teacher or student) can log in with their username and password provided by their Institution. Unlike other videoconference platforms, mfClassrooms ensures a privacy policy perfectly in line with the European Union GDPR regulations for public schools and institutions.  

Customized solutions

mfClassrooms is available both for Institutions (Conservatories, Universities, Music Schools) and for free-lance music teachers. Additional services include the third level domain (e.g.: and the graphic and visual customization of the interface for each institution using the colors and logos of the site.


mfClassrooms offers each Institution the possibility to involve its sponsors, inserting banners or logos inside its "virtual classrooms”.

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