mfClassrooms was designed at a time when all conservatories and music schools around the world urgently needed to find quality solutions for home music lessons.

“Tailor-made for Teachers, Students and Institutions”

Why use mfClassrooms instead of other platforms?

  • Much higher audio quality. All the main platforms available today (Skype, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Starleaf, G-Suite, etc.) have, instead, an audio quality designed for speech, and it creates many problems in the transmission of the sound: it breaks, or cuts many frequencies, or strongly compresses the dynamics making it impossible to follow a music lesson, where you may wish to work on sound quality.
  • Adaptability of mfClassrooms to the connection you have, while maintaining a higher minimum level of sound quality
  • Compatibility with all recent Android and iOS computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Easy to use, without the need to download software or apps.
  • Security in the processing of personal data
  • Integrated electronic logging, lessons tracking and video archive functions

The advantages for students

  • Attending the lessons regularly, even when they are unable to leave home, or when they are traveling and therefore away from their teacher.
  • Integrated control of notes and lesson schedule.
  • Reviewing video recordings of the lessons in a practical online archive accessible from any computer or smartphone without taking up space on their hard disk.

For freelance teachers

  • Ensuring continuity of their monthly income from students by continuing to offer the lessons with quality service and certified tracking.
  •  Monitoring the lessons thanks to the electronic register, and offering protection in case of complaints from students or parents, thanks to data tracking and video recording of lessons.
  • Managing the lesson calendar, notes, scores and messaging with students with an integrated, online solution.

Advantages for music schools

  • Offering students and teachers the possibility to continue classes during periods of confinement (such as during the lockdown for COVID 19) ensuring that lessons run smoothly.
  • Offering students and teachers the added value of video recording and online archive. The video recording of the lessons also guarantees the professionalism of the service, protecting the teacher and the student. 
  • Tracking the start and end times of the lessons.
  • Electronic register function, class management, and internal messaging.
  • Guaranteeing the privacy of users: no data used in the platform will be used for newsletters or sending unrequested emails.  
  • Option to have a dedicated URL, and graphics similar to the school's official website.
  • Possibility for the school to insert logos or banners of its sponsors

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