Courses and Masterclasses

Master Classes

mfClassrooms offers a specific solution for master classes and summer academies.
It offers music teachers and students the possibility to hold and follow individual lessons from home, having a real "virtual classroom" with a higher audio quality than common videoconference platforms, up to 0-20,000 Hertz in stereo.
Each institution can activate an account on mfClassrooms and accredit the selected teachers, participating students and listeners. It is also possible to have guest accounts, for students who can observe courses without participating. Each student and teacher will have a username and password, with which they will be able to access their reserved area, where they can plan and carry out their online lessons.
The secretary will have a "supervisor" account at their disposal, to create lesson slots and to coordinate the schedule and classrooms. Each lesson can also be recorded (audio only) or video-recorded on the mfClassrooms server, to be displayed only by the student or teacher.
It is possible to set up the display of the classroom, choosing between "picture in picture" or "half screen" mode.

Guest listeners

Another distinctive element of mfClassrooms compared to all other videoconferencing services is the possibility to have guest listeners who can to attend the lessons.
Each guest can access the classrooms with his/her login and password assigned by the institution.
It is also possible for the listeners to access the video recordings of the lessons. 

Digital register

mfClassrooms also offers a rich interface to manage the electronic register of teachers and students, with the following functions:

Calendar of lessons

Schedule of the lessons, which can be planned by the teacher.
The teacher can schedule the lesson, or give their availability for a series of slots of dates and times, from which the students can book the most suitable for them and plan the lesson.
The time of each scheduled lesson can be notified to the student by email, at the discretion of the teacher.
15 minutes before the scheduled date and time, the virtual classroom will be available to start the lesson by pressing the respective button in the teacher's reserved area.
The student can only take part in the lesson by pressing the "start lesson" button when the teacher has already started it.
The lesson can start with a maximum delay of 30 minutes from the scheduled time and it can end up to 30 minutes later than the scheduled end.

Virtual box

"virtual box" of each student for sharing documents between teacher and student (.doc or .pdf), audio files (.mp3) and video links (YouTube, Vimeo).

Archive of recordings

Archive of lesson recordings, accessible only by the student and the teacher.
The lesson recording can be activated by either the teacher or the student, with the approval of both of them.

compatibility and ease of use: 

mfClassrooms does not require you to download any software or app, and works both from PCs, Android tablets and iPads, and from Android and iPhone smartphones..
“It is very easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with computers.”


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