How does it work?

How does it work?


- mfClassrooms runs on all computers, tablets and recent smartphones. However, for higher quality and stability of the audio-video signal, these minimum requirements are recommended for the student who is playing on the platform:

- Use a computer (PC or Mac) with an updated operating system, with at least 4 GB of Ram and i3 processor or higher. In any case, the platform also works with smartphones or tablets, with Chrome browser. 

- Use a headset and an external microphone. Stereo USB microphones are recommended, such as the Blue Yeti or the AKG Lyra.  

- Have an internet connection (possibly fiber) with at least 5 Mbits in download and 1 Mbits in upload. It is recommended to connect your computer via Ethernet cable, if possible, as the WiFi connection may be less stable.  The platform, in any case, works even with very slow connections (even below Mbit/s), and in this case it reduces the video quality in favor of the audio quality. 


To schedule his/her lessons, the teacher can plan them directly on the electronic register, or open a series of slots of dates and times available for the lessons, from which the students can book the most suitable for them and plan the lesson. The time of each scheduled lesson can be notified to the student by email, at the discretion of the teacher.
5 minutes before the scheduled date and time, the virtual classroom will be available to start the lesson by pressing the respective button in the teacher's reserved area.
The student can only take part to the lesson by pressing the "start lesson" button when the teacher has already started it.
The lesson can start with a maximum delay of 30 minutes from the scheduled time and it can end up to 30 minutes later than the scheduled end. It is also possible for the teacher to start a lesson right away with a student in their own class, without having previously scheduled it, if the student is also online and ready, by pressing the "start lesson" button for that particular student. 
- Adjust the microphone level manually, making sure the sound is not distorted in fortissimo. In Apple computers there is a specific function under "Sound Preferences" - "audio input". For this we suggest using an external microphone with manual adjustment of the input level.  
- In the window that opens up when you start the lesson, you can set the audio-video adjustments by pressing the "settings" button. Here you can adjust the audio quality level, activate or deactivate the audio filter, adjust the frame-rate (depending on the quality of your connection).

Video recording can be automatic or manual. The automatic recording of the entire lesson is selected by the Institution or the teacher when programming the lesson. Recording can also be programmed in manual mode: in this case, the teacher will have the "REC" button inside the platform during the lesson, and can start or stop the recording at his discretion. When the recording is active, a red dot appears in the lower left corner of the student and teacher window. 

Recording is only possible if the pupil and teacher have authorized recording within their account "preferences". 

compatibility and ease of use: 

mfClassrooms does not require you to download any software or app, and works both from PCs, Android tablets and iPads, and from Android and iPhone smartphones..
“It is very easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with computers.”


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