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Audio quality

The most important distinctive feature of mfClassrooms compared to all other videoconference services is the audio quality, designed for the needs of musicians in individual online musical instrument lessons.
The user guides explain how to get the best results with the same connection and devices used.
These are the main features of the service:

Customizing audio configurations

Customization of audio setups on various parameters:
4 different audio quality levels that can be selected by the user, based on the speed of their internet connection, with sampling frequency of 48Khz and . 
The bandwidth used for the audio varies from 64kb/s mono for level 4 (the lowest, for slow internet connections) to 384kb/s stereo for level 4, the highest. 


Optional independent deactivation of anti-echo filters, when using headphones. Stereo sound selectable, when using a stereo microphone.    


On-screen vu-meters to monitor the levels for manual adjustment of the microphone input level.

Audio input

Possibility to use more than one audio input, with switch function inside the control panel during the lesson.

Video quality

Video Resolution

Video resolution can be set on three levels (1280 x 720, 640 x 480, 480 x 320), and frame rate can be set on four levels (30 and 15, 7, 1 fps), in order to have a good audio quality even in case of poor internet connections. 

Video mode

Choice of teacher and student display mode: PIP (Picture in Picture) and 'half screen' mode, with the screen split vertically in half.
You can extend the display to full screen in any mode.

Video input

Possibility to use more than one video input (for a second camera or for an external video source), with switch function inside the control panel during the lesson

compatibility and ease of use: 

mfClassrooms does not require you to download any software or app, and works both from PCs, Android tablets and iPads, and from Android and iPhone smartphones..
“It is very easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with computers.”


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